We understand that your wedding should be the greatest celebration of your life, and we are ready to support your dream in every way we can.

In planning a wedding, we make sure that we pay close attention to the bride and groom’s unique relationship. All the idiosyncrasies, quirks and passions of this can be reflected through a fantastic celebration: where a couple met, what they enjoy doing together and how they fell in love all tie in to making the party of a lifetime.

We will bring all these elements together with creative flair, fun and style - and your dream vision will become a reality.

Private & Corporate Events

We can tailor a celebration to any type of event, both in hired venues and private houses. From birthdays and anniversaries to welcome-home parties and house-warmings to christenings and cultural celebrations. There is no theme that we can’t explore and create. We understand that each type of event is unique, and every person hosting it is unique, and we work with these diversities to craft a special and memorable occasion.

We can also cater for a wide range of corporate events to help celebrate a company and its employees. Fun team-building events are always beneficial to the overall happiness of a business. We tailor creative experiences to suit you, so whether it’s a summer treasure hunt or a cocktail-making and tasting session, we will offer a wicked experience by focusing on the attention to detail.



We have spent many years finding and nurturing an amazing and unique group of people that I am privileged to call my staff. They are always a pivotal part of the operation at Holy Water and without them and their passion all of my creativity cannot flourish. With a charming combination of professionalism and great fun, they ensure that your celebration goes smoothly and enjoyably.

Bar, Prop & Glassware Hire

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Training, Development & Consultancy

We can offer expert and creative advice to support your venue or bar. We will work with your business to roll out bar-staff training, menu design and the creation of innovative drinks. This enriches staff, helping them to flourish and reach their creative potential while also enjoying their job. We can tailor the consultancy to your specific venue and in line with your passions and dreams for the future. This will improve the happiness of your venue, staff and customers, and will support you in reaching your vision.

Brand development is an important part of our role as a drink and event specialist, and we work at building a strong relationship with brands and consumers to enhance the experience for everyone. We do this by using our knowledge and direct experience of working with drinks to offer invaluable advice to brands to help them move forward and develop. We use a joined-up approach to ensure that the entire process of brand development is effective and fruitful. With this, we look to the future, and creatively set trends that excite the brand, the consumer, and us.


We are extremely proud of our unique mobile bar in a beautiful vintage Airstream, which is free to hire for your celebration. This silver beauty would go down a treat at a mini festival celebration for a birthday, wedding, or any other large event. We can tailor-make specific experiences depending on your preferences: from a Guinness-and-oysters moment to a Martini Prohibition theme. The Airstream is highly versatile, gets people talking and is a head-turner. We also offer a directory of other vintage trailers for hire, in case you were dreaming of a pizza van or an old VW Beetle for your celebration.

Holy Water RTD

The pre-batched cocktails, available for your catering and venue celebrations, will be made fresh on the morning of your event. The cocktails are then delivered from the kitchen in temperature-controlled packaging, allowing you to serve straight from the box. So no fiddly chilling techniques, no de-frosting, no dripping buckets of ice, and no-decanting. Just professional cocktails served on a no-fuss basis…as easy as pouring a glass of Champagne.

Creative Artists

Holy Water has exceptional access to some of the best musicians, DJ’s, comedians, circus performers, theatre-makers and bands in the world. Our creative relationships with these people are unique and in this way, we ensure that we can tailor each performance to your specific event. We will work with you, and the artist to mobilise your dream. During this creative process, we do not add countless commission after commission. Our ultimate aim is to help cultivate a night of brilliant and exciting entertainment to make your event dynamic and memorable.

Catering Partners

Holy Water has worked with some of the greatest caterers from all over the world. We have access to some of the most exciting and current independent chefs, ranging from Masterchef Professional winners to specialists in Kosher, Japanese and Mexican cuisines. Even our smallest and most localised chefs can cater to a high level that matches the standard of the Holy Water experience.